The Yogi's Guide to Teaching at a New Studio


Calm & Confident

Whether you've taught 10 classes or 10,000, you always have questions when you start teaching at a new studio. Every owner, space, and community is different. 

The Yogi's Guide to Teaching at a New Studio

This guide lays out the essential questions you need to ask before you teach your first class, and how to ask them in 5 minutes or less. 

No Drama

Stop fighting with the light switches and sound system. Start focusing on your students.


Establish a great working relationship with your studio and teach more classes.


How you'll feel when you walk into class, grounded and prepared to teach.


About Edge of the Mat

Kristen Sweeney

Hi there! 

I’m Kristen Sweeney, fellow yoga teacher and founder of Edge of the Mat. 

I help yoga teachers who want to:  

  • feel focused and clear about their purpose and place in the world;
  • do great work that makes them proud; and
  • contribute to the lives of their students and their community;

and also want to:  

  • maintain a connection to their personal yoga practice;
  • design a teaching schedule that feels spacious and smart;
  • build a strong foundation for their business without getting distracted by social media bells and whistles; and
  • actually make a living doing this yoga thing  


I grew up in the Tampa, Florida area, and even though I live in Boston now, I still sparkle most when the sun is shining. When I'm not helping yoga teachers build beautiful careers, I'm teaching prenatal and postnatal mamas, singing my heart out, or snuggling with my husband, Greg, and our sweet pup, Rocky.  

A must-have for yoga teachers!

"The Yogi's Guide is super informative. A must-have for all yoga teachers!" 

Justin Randolph, Yoga Teacher & Reiki Master

Add this to your teacher resources!

"Starting a new teaching gig can be intimidating, but the Yogi's Guide breaks down the most important questions you need to ask as a new teacher at a new studio, in a short and easy to read format. Add this to your teacher resources!"

Amanda Kingsmith, Yoga Teacher & Founder of M.B. Om

The Yogi's Guide to Teaching at a New Studio